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To Defenders of Harry Potter
Roman Scripture Interpretation
Romanism - Built on Forgeries


 Reformed Doctrine
 Total Depravity
 Objections to Calvinism
 Free Will

 Faith & Freedom
 A Test of Truth (1897)
 Historical Hogwash
 The Book of Daniel
 Berean Call Topics
 Simple Christian Beliefs!
 Global Religion
 Truth-Does it matter?
 River of Fire
 Free-will Theism 1
 Free-will Theism 2
 What saith Rome?
 Essays from a Watchman

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Atheistic Views
  Critiques of Josh McDowell

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The Parable of the Sower

This site exists solely to glorify Jesus and to serve the body of Christ through providing links and articles on a diverse range of Chrisitan thought. We hope it will grow through the active participation of its visitors. 

Anyone wishing to submit links to sites, or to submit links to articles/book reviews, or to submit articles/book reviews they themselves have written on theology, spirituality, testimony, bible study, inspiration - or any other Christian topic is welcome to do so.  Your submission will be reviewed by a panel before publication on the site, but inclusion for publication is not based on any denominational doctrine or dogma. 

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Christian Apologetics
What is Apologetics?
Reasons to Believe
Christian Apologetics & Research
Alpha & Omega Ministries
Answers in Genesis

Existence of God
Does God Exist?
If there is a God ...
  Ontological Argument
  Cosmological Argument
  Morality Argument
  Teleological Argument
  Combinational Argument
Entropy & Causality
A Practical Man's Proof
The 270 degree Triangle
Answers in Genesis
  Does God Exist?
  Is God a Trinity?
Why I Left Atheism
The Presumptuousness of Atheism

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Manuscript Evidence
Biblical Events' Confirmation

New Testament
Dating NT Books
Eyewitness Testimony
Encyclopedia of NT Textual Criticism

Jesus - Life, Death, Resurrection
Jesus Christ Q&A
The Search for Jesus
The Geisler-Till Debate

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Creation/Evolution Debate
Creation Research Society
Worldwide Flood?
On Constancyof Speed of Light
Starlight and Time Critiques/Replies
Hydroplate Theory
Grand Canyon Questions
Center for Science & Culture
Microevolution > Macroevolution?
Int'l Society - Complexity, Info & Design
Atomic Constants, Light & Time
  Carbon-14 Problems
  Noah's Flood
Institute for Creation Research

Creation & Early Church
Science & Religion
Why Create at all?
Scientists Admit: Evolution not fact
Evolution Secret behind Propaganda

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Since 9-11, there has been much interest in Islam, and much misinformation touted about it. These links to web sites and articles will help you find the truth.
General Info
Answering Islam
  Articles by Silas
Spirit of Islam
  Muhammad vs Jesus
  Muhammad-a true prophet?
  Miracles of Muhammad?
Islam: Truth or Myth?
Sources of Islam
Islam (articles and links)
Rebuttal to a Muslim Apologetic
Allah, Who Is He?
Allah Akbar = Allah is Mice? :-)

Islamic Culture
Human Rights? Lets Be Honest
Faith Freedom International
  Religion of Peace?
  The Face of Islam
Islamic Law on Apostasy

Original Sources of the Qur'an
Sources of Qur'an
Evaluating Qur'an Sources
Qur'an Copied Earlier Sources
Changes in the Qur'an
Difficulties in the Qur'an
Uthmanic Recension of the Qur'an
Codification of Qur'an Text
Satanic Verses
Stoning Verse
Bible vs Qur'an - Historical Comparison

Muslim Sites
Basic Islamic Beliefs

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Christian Growth
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Living Waters
Abundant Life

Christian Info Sources
Exploring Christianity
Koinonia House Online
Christian Classics Library
Religious Anti-Catholicism
Lambert Dolphin's Library
Godwords - Theology & Other good stuff
Christian Thinktank

Bible Reasearch
Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
Chicago Statement on Hermeneutics
Bible History Online
Bible Researcher
Languages of the OT
What the Bible says About ...
Bible Encyclopedias
Bible Search - multiple versions
The Interactive Bible

Evangelism Resources
Evangelism Explosion International
Living Waters

History of Doctrine - book source
Reformed Reader - Historic Baptist Faith
Fox's Book of Martyrs

The Berean Call
Roman Catholicism
Dumping Rome
Barnabus Fund - About Persecuted Christians

Harry Potter
Thoughts on Harry Potter
Bewitched by Harry Potter
Harry Potter? What does God Have to say?
Sorcery in a Stone - book review
Guarding your eyes

Personal Testimonies/Sites

Pseudo-Christian Cults
Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons
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